Lyft and Baltimore Bike Share have joined forces to make getting around the city a bit easier with the creation of designated passenger loading zone areas.

Lyft has revealed that they’ve reached an agreement with Baltimore Bike Share. The ride share company will be helping the relatively new Baltimore Bike Share get its head above water by sponsoring five bike share stations, which will simultaneously function as pickup and drop off locations for Lyft.

Lyft is investing $270,000 in exchange for the right to put up its logos at the stations.

While making transportation more accessible is a fine idea, those of us who use bike share systems usually do so because of affordability and side benefits such as being more eco-friendly and getting a workout in the process. On the other hand, using a ride service may cost more, but it’s definitely more convenient and faster than riding a bike.

But, regardless of your preferred mode of transportation, there are some offers that you should take advantage of: Lyft’s 50 percent off rides between stations (promo code BBS2018) and Baltimore Bike Share’s offer of a one-month free membership (promo code “Lyft”) in the app.

What do you think of the Lyft-Baltimore Bike Share partnership? Do you think it will be beneficial to the city? Will it have an impact on the bike share’s ability to grow? Also, which mode of transportation do you prefer: bikes or cars? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, and let’s get the conversation started.

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