Genovation, the Rockville based maker of electric cars, has recently unveiled a new electric “Super Car,” and only 75 will be available for purchase.

At the 2018 CES Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Rockville company Genovation wowed consumers with a car of the future, the Genovation Extreme Electric GXE. This “Super Car” is modeled after, and shares the same body and frame, as Chevy’s Corvette Grand Sport C7, while the interior mechanisms are electrical without sparing the speed and performance of the original.

It’s touted as “the highest-performing electric car in the world” and is in the same class as Hot Rods and Formula One race cars. It’s seriously one of the raddest cars you will ever see on the road, or anywhere else for that matter.

Super Car

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While the GXE is not made by Corvette, Genovation has successfully replicated the latest model of an American classic, with the bumper and tail lights being the only aesthetic difference.

Electric cars and hybrids are considered to be efficient, eco-friendly cars that can get you from point A to point B. But the GXE’s designers have far surpassed the typical hybrid/electric models with a Fast and Furious-esque car that can put nearly all high-end sports cars to shame when it comes speed, handling, and overall performance. So much so that in track drag races it has the capability of outrunning more than a few race cars used in professional and amateur racing.

The GXE’s electric engine runs on 597 kilowatts of power — the equivalent of an astounding 800 horsepower — and it has a high torque of 800 pounds. Plus, it can reach speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour! The GXE goes from 0 to 60 in an impressive three seconds flat, which very few cars can do, street legal or not.

In fact, it’s so fast that it has found its way into world record books THREE TIMES as the fastest street-legal electric super car, and still remains the record holder.

Cost-wise, if you aren’t a millionaire, well, you can forget about buying one. The deposit alone is $250,000, with the total price estimating at $750,000. It also doesn’t help that the car is rare, only 75 will be sold. So, if you’ve got money to burn, act fast as Genovation has started accepting custom reserve order applications. Each of the 75 Super Car orders are expected to be produced by the end of this year or early 2019.

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