Looking for a new neighborhood to move to — or spend a day adventuring in? Check out Hyattsville, Maryland!

Hyattsville is a small artsy city conveniently located right next to the Washington, D.C., border. This overlooked city has a lot of local charm and activities! Whether you’re looking for a new place to move or just want a new place to visit for the day, Hyattsville is the perfect destination!

This historic city was founded in 1799. After the Civil War, the population of Hyattsville boomed when large landowners began selling their property to people moving into the area. Today, the city is undergoing a transformation into a local arts district. The city used to be fairly desolate with a lot of abandoned buildings, but now the city is on the turn-around and using art to help create its original charm. Here’s what to do when you’re there!

Where to Hang Out

Baltimore Avenue

Stroll along Baltimore Avenue to get a real feel for the city. This road will showcase the historic buildings that first made the city popular mixed with the modern day art and graffiti plastered throughout the area. The design company Green Owl Design revamped three of the city blocks along Baltimore Avenue to help create an outdoor art gallery. This gallery features a diverse group of local artists. According to the company, “We created a more safe/walkable and interesting community, and increased foot traffic along the corridor, helping to put Hyattsville on the Instagram map.”

Polka Dot Park
Where: 4320 Hamilton Street

This urban park transforms a parking lot into a cool and fun hangout. You can bring a picnic or just relax on the tables provided. It will even host events over the summer, so keep up with them on Facebook!

Where to Drink

Vigilante Coffee
Where: 4327 Gallatin Street


Courtesy of Vigilante Coffee

Vigilante Coffee is the place to go if you need a caffeine boost. With industrial vibes inside and out, the trendy joint takes their coffee seriously and even offers classes to teach you (yes, you!) about brewing coffee.

Where: 5123 Baltimore Avenue

In the mood for some bar food and alcohol? Head over to Franklin’s! Franklin’s is an American restaurant and bar. It has classics such as beer-battered onion rings, buffalo wings, and pizza. The restaurant also has an impressive seafood selection with dishes such as wild blue catfish, grilled salmon, and Creole jambalaya. The joint brews its own beer and has 11 beers on tap at any point. What makes Franklin’s really cool is the general store on the first floor. This place has a bunch of funky and fun finds.

Where to Eat

Where: 5501 Baltimore Avenue


Courtesy of Yelp

Spice6 is basically the Indian version of Chipotle. You can make your own rice bowls and even naan pizza with your choice of sauces and toppings. The food tastes amazing with just the right amount of spice.

Pizzeria Paradiso
Where: 4800 Rhode Island Avenue


Courtesy of Pizzeria Paradiso

This pizza spot has outdoor seating so you can enjoy the weather and sights on a nice day. You can grab a pizza, salad, or panini here. During their happy hour from 5 p.m.–7 p.m., 9-inch pizzas are $12, and beer and wine are $3 off.

Sushinado & Teriyaki
Where: 6450 America Boulevard

Courtesy of Yelp

This casual, Asian-fusion eatery is located in the Prince George’s Plaza. If you have been curious about the sushi burrito all over the internet, you can order one at this place! They have creative options such as the Rising Phoenix burrito with grilled teriyaki chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado, carrot, purple cabbage, and teriyaki sauce, or the California Crush burrito with crabmeat, lettuce, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber, sesame seeds and eel sauce.

What do you think? What’s your favorite thing to do in Hyattsville? Let us know in the comments!

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