The Boardwalk is filled with wonders and cool tidbits for visitors to see! And another wonder we think you’ll love is the eccentric Ocean Gallery!

Right on the Boardwalk — at 2nd Street — is an Ocean City gem that you simply can’t miss. An art gallery like no other, you can easily spot Ocean Gallery’s colorful flags and signs just beckoning visitors to step into this glorious and artistic rabbit hole. This Boardwalk favorite was founded over 30 years ago and has been dazzling tourists and locals alike ever since!

According to the website, it all began with Joseph Leonard KroArt Jr., an American visionary artist! The Ocean Gallery was the culmination of the Baltimore native’s childhood dream to keep the excitement in art that he felt didn’t exist in the art courses he took. And any gallery viewer that’s been here can let you know that he achieved that with flying colors!

An outrageous amount of art can be found covering almost every surface of this seaside landmark. You can browse and purchase the works of Jonathan Brown, Paul Deremigis, and even set your eyes on the work of the gallery owner himself! Brown’s prints depict the beauty of Maryland, from the blue crabs to the ravens. Deremigis’s water-colored pieces commemorate scenes from Ocean City, Annapolis, and more, while Mr. KroArt’s art and photographs of Maryland are beloved both here and globally!

But the marvels don’t stop there. The Ocean Gallery also has some unique cars — yes, you read that correctly, cars. The one that is probably the most renowned is the Batmobile, equipped with Batman insignias and bat wings! There’s also the Titanic car (which, like its namesake is at the bottom of the ocean), as well as a car transformed to look like a cow.

You can’t find an Ocean City site more unique and cool than this! If you’re an art lover, there’s plenty for you to see. Or if you’re a car lover, you’ll get to see cars with an interesting take on their exterior. So, stop on by and say hi to Mr. KroArt and see all this beauty for yourself!

Have you been to the Ocean Gallery before? Are you considering going to see it? What are you most excited to see, if so? Let us know your thoughts below!

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