A man who was arrested on Halloween for dressing in a devil costume and causing all mayhem was convicted in court of intoxicated endangerment and a lesser pedestrian violation.

Edward Ulrich II, a 36-year-old from Berlin, was arrested by Ocean City Police over Halloween for causing general mayhem and leading police on a bizarre “frogger” foot chase back and forth across Coastal Highway. He was dressed in a devil costume, which made the whole affair that much more ridiculous.

Obviously drunk, the “Devil” decided it was a good idea to try to run away from police. Except, instead of actually trying to escape, he decided to play a game of Frogger and try to elude police by walking through lanes of traffic on Coastal Highway. Ulrich would walk across the highway to get away from police and as soon as they made it across, he would turn back around and walk back to the other side. He had no qualms about forcing traffic to hit the brakes and stop short.

The police officers, however, took a more measured approach to crossing the lanes, leading to the peculiar sight of a suspect actually eluding police by simply casually walking.

Obviously, the Ocean City Police knew they could charge Edward Ulrich II with intoxicated endangerment (they did). He was seen running into a liquor store and throwing one of their chairs into the parking lot. I don’t know what would cause someone to randomly do that, but it’s safe to say alcohol definitely played a role.

However, the officers had a hard time figuring out just how to write-up the fact that he kept leading them across Coastal Highway. They didn’t want to bury him in with serious crimes like fleeing or eluding police, but they also didn’t want to let him off the hook either. So, they ended up piling on by charging him with a bunch “pedestrian crimes.” Yes, you can now see why this story made us laugh: the Ocean City Police charged the “Devil” with jaywalking.

Ultimately, prosecutors abandoned many of the obscure pedestrian charges. Edward Ulrich was found guilty last week on charges of intoxicated endangerment and hindering passage. At this point, it is unclear what his sentence will be.

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