In 1998, Giant Food moved its headquarters from Landover to Pennsylvania. Now the company is coming back to its former home base in PG County.

Residents in Prince Georges County may be happy to hear that Giant Food is relocating its headquarters back to Landover, a move that will bring more than 70 new jobs to the area. As the grocery chain leaves its current headquarters, roughly half of the employees will be relocated, while the remainder of the positions will be filled once the building is operational.

Giant Food was the first supermarket to open in D.C. back in 1936, the company has had a lasting presence in the region over the last few decades, so it’s only right that what started locally should remain local. Even though relocation is certain, Giant has not specified when the move will be complete.

Giant’s relocation is likely to stimulate the economy while also helping to draw other businesses, their money, and fellow deep-pocketed business partners to the County. This is great news for the County and the overall business climate since the bid for the new Amazon headquarters was rejected.

Giant Food

Courtesy of Yelp

The headquarters will be in the same building as before — on 8301 Professional Place — and employees will benefit from the convenience of the closeness of the New Carrolton Metro and train stations.

The presence of a large, regional company is something every community needs, and as employees’ families and other companies are drawn to the area, their money and societal contributions are bound to follow suit.

What do you think of Giant Food moving its headquarters back? How do you think this will affect businesses in the area? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, and let’s get the conversation started.

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