We’ve looked near and far to find the most interesting places you can rent from AirBnB in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas.

AirBnB is a relatively new business model and a great solution to renting in other people’s spaces for a short period of time like a day or so. It just really depends on the specifics with the rental property. That being said, sometimes there can be some really interesting or exotic AirBnB rentals worth noting, from cottages and garden efficiencies to a one bedroom YURT, to Treehouses and Sky-walks. We have sussed out a few unique and interesting AirBnB rentals in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas.


Charming Cottage – Ellicot City

Originally a blacksmith’s shop built in 1855, it was converted to a lovely 1,100-square-foot cottage with open, hand-axed beams and decorated in rustic style. It also has a full kitchen, bath, bedroom loft and a large great room with a wood stove.

For more information on this Charming Cottage, feel free to read more on the AirBnB site.

Washington, D.C.

Garden Suite Efficiency

The quaint backyard patio has an amazing way about it, with all the plants and general layout (Trellis included, too). It has current efficiencies like a sink with microwave and refrigerator.

For more information on “Garden Suite Efficiency,” feel free to read more on the AirBnB site.


Tree House and Sky-walk at White Lotus – Standardsville – One Bedroom

If Yurts or cabins are not your thing, then a Treehouse and Sky-walk may be a novel choice instead. Designed for two guests, this may be perfect for couples who like to relax and enjoy nature high in the treetops.

For more information on what “Treehouse Lovers” might be experience, feel free to read more on the AirBnB site.

YURT – Stanardsville – One Bedroom

While the majority of single-family houses may consist of brick-and-mortar, this AirBnB rental (A four-bedroom Yurt with one bath) is made of wood frame and cloth, and sits on the Cair Paravel Farmstead. According to the AirBnB entry for this rental, “Cair Paravel is a sustainable farm that seeks to apply the principles of permaculture and biodynamic agriculture with the goal to maintain a minimal footprint upon the earth.”  And this Yurt is only 40 minutes from cities like Charlottesville and Harrisburg. Yurts are a housing design that has existed for three thousand years in the Central Asian region, future “Yurters” might get an education on Central asian architecture and design by renting this property.

For more information on what prospective “Yurters” might be experience at the Car Paravel Farmstead, visit the AirBnB link.

What AirBnB listings in the DMV area do you think are unique or interesting? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Featured photo courtesy of AirBnB.

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