Keeping it in the family – the Orioles family that is! Adam Jones, the Orioles centerfielder, was the lucky bidder at the auction which finally sold Cal Ripken Jr.’s estate on Saturday, May 12.

It only took eight bidders and 17 minutes for the beautiful mansion sitting pretty on 24.38 acres of property to be sold. This is surprising, given that the house was originally put on the market in September 2016 for $12.5 million. About seven months later, in April 2017, the listing price was reduced to $9.7 million. Finally, in August 2017, the property was delisted.

Why such a hard time selling such a breathtaking estate you may ask? According to the realtor who took the house to market, Bob Lucido, the market sets the price, and according to the market (a.k.a. people willing to buy such opulent houses) those price tags were just too high. And that makes sense — the higher the asking price and the more luxurious a property, the fewer individuals there are that are willing and able to pay that premium. 

And what exactly is Adam Jones moving into? Well, grab some wine and a cheese-plate — it’s about to get fancy! The property, located at 13301 Dover Road, Reisterstown, Maryland, was custom-built in 1987 by Cal Ripken Jr. and was completely renovated in the 1990s. According to DeCaro Auctions International, which handled the auction, the home has six bedrooms, 10 full baths, and five half-baths. Amenities include a gym, a dance studio, a pool, a home theater, and an eight-car garage.

If that’s not enough, the property also boasts a regulation-sized baseball field, a basketball court, a picnic area, and a 1.13-acre scenic pond with its very own pier. Boat ride, anyone? Oh, and in case the winter months get too chilly out in horse country, the mansion has the epitome of luxury — “radiant floor heating” so that your toes never touch a cold floor ever again. My perpetually cold feet have major house envy right now. 


There are speculations that “Jones bought Ripken’s property as an investment, since he is in the last year of a contract with the Orioles and unlikely to sign again with the Baltimore team.” According to other sources which support this hypothesis, “while Jones — the team’s longest-tenured player — has expressed his desire to remain with the Orioles, there’s been no discussion of an extension. This is the final year of a six-year, $85.5 million contract.”

Ripken and his former wife, Kelly, divorced in 2016, which is when the property was put on the market. They have two children, Rachel and Ryan (now both in their 20s), who grew up in that house.

Whether or not Adam Jones will live on the property or is simply making a savvy investment decision by purchasing this luxurious estate at a fraction of the original $12.5 million asking price, one thing is clear: it is one gorgeous piece of real estate.

What do you think of this property? Are you an Orioles fan? Are you happy another fellow baseball player won the auction? Let us know in the comments section below!

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