Velatis candy company goes back to the 1860s, and is a place to check out for its delicious assortments.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been unable to pass up Velatis candy. Velatis’ delectable little squares of vanilla and marshmallow (Vanilla Chewy Marshmallow) and the chocolate and marshmallow (Chocolate Chewy Marshmallow) are a favorite of mine. I never passed on the Vanilla Sugary or Chocolate Chewy options if the others had already been gobbled up.

Velatis Candy Company first opened its first shop in Northwest, Washington, D.C. — the same year that the Capital Dome was completed. Now Velatis calls downtown Silver Spring its home, as well as a shop at the Pentagon in Arlington.

The Velatis location in Silver Spring has a quaint yet modern brick front. What separates Velatis from other candy companies in many ways is its small batch caramels.

“Our European sugary-style caramels, melt-in-your-mouth, and our traditional American chewy-style caramels, are the perfect gift to be shared and enjoyed.”

Whether it be the Vanilla Sugary Nut (Cashew or Pecan), Chocolate Chewy Nut (Almonds or Walnuts), or a seasonal item like the Chocolate Raspberry Liquor, the quality of Velatis’ candies is worth trying out. Velatis also has specialties, toffees, chocolate truffles as well as baked goods like caramel cupcakes or brownies with caramel drizzle. Yum!

For more information about Velatis, feel free to check out its website.

What is your favorite candy shop? Do you remember Velatis candy shop or department stores that sold Velatis? Leave a comment and let us know.

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