Have you tried Taco Bell’s new Nacho Fries? The price is certainly right, how the fries taste on the other hand is, well… a little strange.

So as a former Taco Bell employee and after hearing the buzz about Taco Bell’s new $1 nacho fries and Supreme and Bellgrande upgrades, I decided I would sample the fast food chain’s latest product that is generating all this hype.  I sampled two of the three new items, first I gobbled down an order of the $1 nacho fries (a small portion with nacho cheese sauce) and then also tried the Nacho Fries Supreme upgrade. I can honestly say I enjoyed both, yet neither blew my socks off.

The $1 Nacho Fries ration is a fair deal.  Taco Bell’s fries are much “potatoier” than McDonalds’ fries and are not at all greasy and are spiced with a Taco seasoning of some kind which to me tastes a little weird, but still not bad.

Flavor and seasoning aside, I particularly like the heartiness Taco Bell’s fries and would compare them to the to curly fries served at places like Roy Rogers and Arby’s. Taco Bells’ nacho cheese is average at best as most folks know, yet anyone who likes nacho cheese sauce likely wouldn’t complain.  Taco Bell’s cheese sauce, as most consumers know, is a little runny and perhaps could use a little less oil -but that’s just my opinion.

nacho fries

Courtesy of Taco Bell

As for Supreme and Bellgrande upgrades, customers who order on the run should make sure to ask for a fork at the drive thru window.  Fries topped with taco meat, nacho cheese, sour cream, and tomatoes are tasty, but you can’t really dip’em up with much success like you can nachos.  Nacho platter ingredients combined with taco flavored fries taste pretty good but the overall chemistry lacks somehow.

The price upgrades of $1.49 and $2.49 are within reason, while meat toppings and such make up any difference to other places’ fries portions.  Should you run out and try the fries the first chance you get? No.  Are the fries enjoyable . . .(?) -yes.  Just how much beyond decently good they are varies according to personal preference.

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