National Bohemian has just unveiled a new beer for the first time in 30 years. “Crab Shack Shandy” is out just in time for spring, summer, and crab feasts.

National Bohemian Beer Company, the Baltimore-based maker of super-cheap beer since the 1800s, finally has something new for its customers.  The brewing company’s Crab Shack Shandy has just hit store shelves and is now available for a limited time in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, D.C., and Virginia.

National Bohemian

Courtesy of WTOP 

Those familiar with “Natty Boh,” as it’s known by its fans, often say that it’s a very watered down, cheap, and lower-end beer.  However, the brand’s newest beer is poised to change people’s minds with its distinct and unmistakable flavor. National Bohemian’s  Crab Shack Shandy is flavored with Lemon Zest and Orange Peel, providing a better-tasting beer for the upcoming crab feast and summer season.

National Bohemian

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The new Shandy is touted as a “golden straw-colored lager” which produces “a white foamy head and a quick, dry finish” while the company — by putting out the new brew — is attempting to cater to the lifestyles of locals who love crabs, boating, and the bay.

“Crab Shack Shandy” certainly seems like the ideal brew to wash down some spicy Maryland Old Bay-seasoned Crabs.

If you want to grab up some of Natty Boh’s latest, local stores are selling this limited-time brew for $8.99 for 16-ounce six-packs. The 12-ounce 12-packs are going for $14.99.

Have you tried Natty Boh’s newest brew? What do you think? Will it be a popular crab feast season favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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