Cha-Ya Asian Bistro in Columbia serves up the best of three different types of Asian cuisine — Japanese, Chinese and Thai.

On Christmas Day, as my family and I were contemplating which restaurant to eat in after a trip to the gym, we decided that we would either order Chinese carryout, Thai, or another type of Asian restaurant that would be open during the holiday. Upon doing Google searches of the nearby restaurants, a member of our party stumbled upon Cha-Ya Asian Bistro, which happened to be one of the few restaurants open on Christmas Day in Columbia.

While we had no clue what was on the menu and how the restaurant measured up to the rest in the local area, we were more than satisfied with the selection and pricing as well as the quality of the food as we would soon find out.


Courtesy of Cha-Ya

Cha-Ya Asian Bistro has a sushi bar and separate a la carte sushi menu and most of the menu items are Japanese, however, it also features several Thai and Chinese favorites. Cha-Ya is an Asian restaurant, a combination of the three Asian Food types, and provides a selection that allows patrons to choose from the best of the best. (Although, not all the best dishes from all three countries could possibly be included in one small restaurant’s menu).

As a big fan of Chinese, Japanese and Thai food I was delighted to find a triple combo Chef’s special — a Japanese Hibachi Steak, grilled shrimp and General Tso’s Chicken — on the menu.


Courtesy of Cha-Ya

During our meal, I asked what my family members thought of their dishes. The Chilean Sea Bass was a huge portion and it quickly disappeared. Half of the members of my nine-person party opted for sushi menu items, which drew praise from everyone.

Cha-Ya’s Wine Bar has a great selection that is certain to have something any wine lover would love. If you’re looking to change up your dinner routine, I would recommend stopping in Ch-Ya Asian Bistro sometime. Between the friendly and attentive wait staff and the cozy environment, it’s a can’t-miss restaurant. Plus, there aren’t many restaurants in the area where you can order Kung Pao or General Tso’s Chicken while also having the option of Japanese hibachi steaks and a complete sushi menu to choose from, and the option to order your Thai favorites.

Cha-Ya Asian Bistro is located on 8874 McGraw Road in Columbia. For hours, menu and more, visit the restaurant’s website.

Have you been to Cha-Ya Asian Bistro before? Which dish is your favorite? If not, will you be stopping by soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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