Thanks to a lot of “hangry” people on the internet, we can get cheaper Snickers bars at 7-Eleven.

“Hangry” (hungry + angry) is not exactly a word I use regularly. In fact, I don’t recall ever using this term until now. But Snickers (MARs Company) and 7-Eleven have an interesting promotion that involves a very creative graph and detailed discounts on And it’s something you have to see to believe!

Here’s a rather tongue-in-cheek look at the offer, per the Hungerithm site:

The internet gets a little angry when it’s hungry. So we’ve created a hunger algorithm that monitors the mood online. When anger goes up, the value of SNICKERS® coupons at 7‑Eleven go up too.”

The algorithm gathers the information from the internet to create this creative and expression-infused graph. “Every 10 minutes, the algorithm will use a list of 3,000 commonly used words and phrases to determine the internet’s mood, and record how people are feeling,” according to

Here’s what you do: Enter your age, then click “Launch Hungerithm.” This silly promotion provides a visual line graph that shows the current vitriol of people online. The potential coupon discount price (hangry meter) adjusts on the graph line every 10 minutes, going up or down based on the mood of people on the internet. Blue level is “calm” (15 or 35 cents off), red level is “angry” ($1.02 to $1.08 off), and from what I can tell, yellow and o range levels seem to score a discount between 45 and 85 cents.


Snicker’s Hangry Meter. Courtesy of

The tricky thing is that you’ll have to use an app on your mobile device to claim your coupon. But once you’re set, you can just scan your barcode at any 7-Eleven to claim your discounted Snickers bar (1.4 oz.–1.86 oz. size).


Message on website.

Even though people are bound to be angry and fuming on the internet till the end of time, this Snickers offer can’t last forever. The “hangry” promotion ends on Dec. 22.

What are your thoughts on the nationwide “hangry” promotion? Will you take advantage of the coupon? What are some other ways we can lessen the effects of “hanger”? Leave a comment below!

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