The “boardwalk” is the heart of all beach town life, and Ocean City, Maryland, has such a lively one. rates the best of Ocean City every year, and here are the best boardwalk finds for 2018.

You’re hanging out on the beach, splashing in the water, and tanning in the sand — when hunger strikes. Rather than packing up and changing, walk over to the Boardwalk to grab a much-needed snack. The best Boardwalk stand for 2018 was awarded to Golden Plate for serving up some of the most delicious funnel cakes and gyros in all of Ocean City. 

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Feeling something a little less involved that you can just munch on at the beach? Head on over to Fisher’s Popcorn for the best kettle corn around. They became known …

“for their delicious secret caramel recipe, and today they’ve expanded the popcorn flavors to include white cheddar, cinnamon caramel, caramel chocolate drizzle, and the old Maryland favorite, Old Bay.”

Candy Kitchen also has some delicious treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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If you do want to put on that cover-up and sit somewhere for lunch, the best restaurant on the Ocean City Boardwalk is Harrison’s Harbor Watch (it’s one of the best restaurants in the town in general). Here you can enjoy fresh seafood and beautiful water views. Want to get a cocktail? Check out the Purple Moose Saloon or Cork Bar and Grill

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