Have you ever wanted to go to Salisbury, MD, but you were unsure about what there was to do? Well, here are a few free attractions to check out!

When people think about Salisbury, they may typically associate the city with Salisbury University. Salisbury University is a large part of the city, but that’s not all this beautiful place has to offer. Salisbury has scenic parks, plenty of places to shop, and then some.

Below you will find some attractions that might draw your attention! Oh yeah, and did we mention that they’re completely free?

The Salisbury Zoo

Courtesy of Salisbury Zoo (Facebook)

Where: 755 South Park Drive
Cost: Free

If you or anyone you know is an animal lover, then the Zoo is the stop for you! The Zoo is home to a multitude of animals from exotic birds to buffalo and more. The scenery around the Zoo is also gorgeous, so it’s easy to relax, stroll around, and enjoy what the Zoo has to offer.

If you can easily see yourself spending a day admiring animals and enjoying nature, visit the website or call 410-548-3188 to find out more.

Pemberton Historical Park

Courtesy of pembertonpark.org

Where: 5561 Plantation Lane
Cost: Free

Any nature lovers out there? If so, then Pemberton Historical Park is the attraction to visit! The website states that the park sits on 262 acres and holds an abundance of hiking trails. The trails take you through the park to see the hills, the bodies of water, and the wildlife living on the land. I have visited the park many times before and can say that it’s a peaceful place to take a break and just enjoy the moment. On top of the natural beauty, the park also has historical elements and hosts events throughout the year!

If exploring Pemberton Historical Park sounds like a good time to you, visit the website or call 410-548-4900 ext. 108.

Poplar Hill Mansion

Courtesy of Poplar Hill Mansion (Facebook)

Where: 117 Elizabeth Street
Cost: Free on Sundays

Do you enjoy learning about history? If that’s the case, Poplar Hill Mansion is the destination to see! The mansion is a historical building in Salisbury and according to the website has been around since the 18th century. Tours are held here that allow viewers to go throughout the mansion to see different rooms and learn about the history behind the mansion.

If spending a day remembering the past is appealing to you, visit the website or call 410-749-1776.

Schumaker Pond Park

Courtesy of Schumaker Pond (Facebook)

Where: 1019 South Schumaker Drive
Cost: Free

Do you think a picnic or a barbecue is the perfect way to spend a day? You should check out Schumaker Pond Park then! The park is situated alongside Schumaker Pond, is occupied by a pavilion and grill, and is home to a playground as well. In addition to these possible activities, the park also has a disc golf course spread throughout the park.

If you can visualize you and your loved ones having a good time here, visit the website.

The beauty in all this is there is even more around Salisbury to see and do! Have you ever visited any of these free attractions? Do you have any recommendations for travelers on what to do in Salisbury? Let us know in the comments below! And enjoy the warmer weather!

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